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Palo Alto Downtown, California
With a humble beginning that started in 1769, Palo Alto is considered one of the oldest towns in California. It is located near Redwood City - Menlo Park and it could easily be reached by flying to its local airport or driving by land. This town got its name from a tree called El Palo Alto, which can be seen growing in this area. Since then, what started to be a humble town has now become a progressive place that is brimming with amazing local attractions. In fact, it is considered to be one of the most expensive towns in the US today.

Tourist would love going to Palo Alto because there is just too much to see. Popular IT companies, like Facebook, Google, Silicon Valley, HP, and Microsoft, have actually called this their home. It is no wonder that the standard of living here is way above other towns in America.

Downtown Palo Alto Attractions -

Since Stanford University is also located in Palo Alto, students who hailed from other states and countries have made this their second home too and there is no reason for them not to love Palo Alto. You can find here great restaurants, tourist spots, Palo Alto downtown hotel, and amusement parks. There are also plenty of shopping markets here that sell a variety of products, which would satiate the cravings of the retail addicts. All 67,000 residents of this town enjoy all these amenities, and it is welcome for visitors too.

Extended stay Hotel Lodging Nearby Palo Alto Downtown -

If you are planning to see Palo Alto, accommodations should not be a worry. You will always be able to find a hotel in Palo Alto California that will fit your need, style, and budget. If you are a relative or a friend of a student in Stanford who wants to visit, there are also hotels in Palo Alto near Stanford University, which will let you live closer to your friend, daughter, or son. On the other hand, if you want to stay outside of Palo Alto but still want to be accessible to the town, there are hotels near Palo Alto Ca, too.

An example of this is the Atherton Park Inn & Suites in Redwood City - Menlo Park. It may not be located in Palo Alto downtown, but the 6-mile trip is really not that far. Besides, the friendly staffs in this hotel are always ready to assist you and facilitate your transport. In addition, the amazing amenities and ambiance in this hotel are enough to make you want to stay here when you visit Palo Alto

Atherton Park Inn & Suites hotel is the heart of Palo Alto downtown accommodations. Especially, if you are visiting the state college, you would find no other place suits best than this. Factors such as good location, large & clean rooms and responsive staffs are making this hotel a favorite for many. If you are lucky enough to stay in this hotel, don't forget to plan a travel to the Fioloi Estates to add lots of fun on your trip.

Once you have your accommodations covered, take time to enjoy Palo Alto day and night. Visit the shopping centers, museums, parks, galleries, and restaurants that would definitely make you want to come back very soon.