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Redwood City , California - Stanford University
In California, one of the oldest universities is Stanford University. The story of Stanford began in 1884 when rail road baron and former governor of California with his wife Jane lost their only child who was suffering from typhoid fever. After the death of their son, Leland Stanford told his wife that the children of California are their children.

After holding meetings with Eliot who was president of Harvard University, he was given ideas of establishing a university, lecture hall, a museum or a technical school with the name of their son. Stanford opted for the university in Palo Alto. This led to the enrollment of the first students of the university in 1891. The number of students was 559 at that time.

Menlo Park Hotel near Stanford University -

This is the best hotel near Stanford University. This Redwood City -Menlo Park hotel is located just a few miles from the university. The services which Atherton Park hotel offers include: accommodation for both family members and potential students touring the university. In addition, the hotel is an ideal place for a weekend getaway for cardinals' home place. Following are the services which Atherton Park Inn & Suites hotel offers:
  • Complimentary breakfast at Menlo Park -

    At Atherton Park Inn Hotel hotel, you can begin your day with a king size complimentary breakfast. Therefore, you can get some tempting health options with the best experience.
  • Menlo Park Hotel Transport Services -

    At Atherton Menlo Park hotel, there is a comfortable transport services which can take you nearby locations where you can enjoy viewing convenient location/destinations.

Academics at Stanford University -

At Stanford University, there are seven schools. Of the seven schools, four of them offer under graduate programs while the three offers both under graduate and post graduate programs. The schools under graduate programs include: law, medical, business and education. The schools which offer undergraduate and post graduate programs are: humanities, Earth sciences, engineering and sciences. Up to now, Stanford facility has won the Nobel for their wonderful performance in the education industry.

Stanford Athletes -

Since the university was founded in 1891, athletics has played an important role at the university. The cardinals which are named after the color but not the bird have a very long history of: championships titles, team members who move to the professional careers, and Olympic titles. At Stanford University, there are 35 varsity sports which comprise of 15 men's teams, one co-ed and 19 women's teams. For the past 12 years, Stanford University is the home of the prominent division 1 NCAA director's cup.

Attraction Site at Stanford -

Since Stanford University is one of the oldest universities; there is historical architecture at this place. The Roman and California architecture is the main quad which is really seen these days. If you are making a visit to Stanford University for the first time, then you need to visit the following main attraction of the campus: Jasper Ridge biological preserve, canto art centre and athlete Amenities.

In addition, you can also visit Rodin sculpture garden and Thomas Welton Stanford if love art. So you can explore Stanford historic red barn which is one of the oldest surviving structures if you are curious about the history of Stanford.